Noob Adventure

Noob Adventure

Noob Adventure

Noob Adventure

Noob Adventure

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Noob Adventure

Noob Adventure is an exciting and challenging game. There are three worlds with castles. The treasure is huge. These are puzzle games but they can also be played as adventure games. Move around, eliminate obstacles and attack traps to reach the door.

First, you should know that there are three worlds that you must complete. Each has ten levels and you will need a crown to finish each one. These are the worlds:

  • Castle
  • Cave
  • Snow

You face enemies and dangers as the scenery changes. Use WASD for movement, space to attack enemies or obstacles, and it can also be used to interact with chests or other items.

Avoid dangers, defeat enemies, and grab crowns or useful items from the chests as you progress. Finally, go for the door at each level's end, which will take you to the next level.

Enjoy all the challenging and interesting puzzles!

How to play

Smartphone/Tablet: touch control
PC: WASD = Move, Space = Attack

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