Noob vs 1000 Zombies

Noob vs 1000 Zombies

Noob vs 1000 Zombies

Noob vs 1000 Zombies

Noob vs 1000 Zombies

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Noob vs 1000 Zombies

The Noob vs 1000 Zombies game is a fun and exciting way to learn how to play the game. It's simple to start playing it and there are many different ways of playing it. The game requires skill and also involves strategy--if you want to survive, you have to plan ahead.

Noob vs 1000 Zombies is a simple, yet challenging game that allows you to battle zombies and gains more lives as you progress. This is an easy game to learn and there are many different ways of playing it--making it hard for zombies to predict your strategy!

What is your strategy?

In this game, you have to strategize your way to victory.

Noob vs 1000 Zombies is a multiplayer game, which means you can play with other people. The more zombies you kill, the more points you get and the higher level you'll reach--up to level 10. You also get a bonus for getting three stars on each level. And of course, every time you get a new level, more lives are added.

If you want to be successful in this game, make sure your strategy includes killing zombies from different distances and from different angles--that way they won't be able to foresee it coming! For example, use a bow or crossbow for long-range attacks and then switch to melee weapons when in close range.

Be careful when you re-spawn, or else you'll start over.
When you're killed in the game, you will re-spawn. You won't be able to continue playing for a while--you'll have to reach level 2 before you can start over again.

It's important not to re-spawn too soon because it costs time and your character will lose experience points.

If you want to level up faster, play in single player mode. You'll earn more experience points and can focus on getting more lives. Playing by yourself is the best way to go if you want to level up quickly.

Noob vs 1000 Zombies has 3 game modes:
1. Story Mode - where you must elimilate all the zombies up to a specified number with your bow, using well-aimed shots;
2. PVP Mode - where you will face another user and have to eliminate them before it's too late (the other player is not always there);
3. Mission Mode - which requires hitting all the blocks in each level without getting hit yourself.

PlatonovDev has created this game.

How to play

Use your mouse to aim and shoot.