Smash Karts

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What is Smash Karts?


In Smash Karts, the objective is to collect surprise boxes and survive in a kart battle arena. You can find weapons like grenades and bullets among other things in the arenas. The goal is to destroy all your opponents with them, as well as Collectibles such as coins and powerups.

In this battle arena game, you will team up with one of the other racers to help them fuel up their karts. They may look cute, but each one is a fierce competitor and all of them are clever with the cars. In this game, you have the opportunity to race against others and win rewards. You can transport your Kart to different arenas before taking on your opponents with rocket launchers, machine guns, and other super cool weapons. The player who destroys the most karts in each round before time runs out will be declared the victor.

In order to win, you must make big explosions, hit enemy vehicles and drop them in the lava of fire. If the life bar runs up quickly, it means you can't continue playing; wait a few seconds for reconnection. Good luck trying to become the only survivor of Smash Karts!.



Smash Karts


WASD or arrow keys to drive
Space to fire weapons


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