Squid Glass Bridge

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What is Squid Glass Bridge?


Ready to play the game Squid Glass Bridge? We are too! In this game, you will start at one end of a bridge made out of glass panels. Each step has two glass panels with different strengths, one being tough and another normal. Each time you jump between your current position and another panel, on which side do you land? On both sides! If it's tough luck getting across the bridge without breaking any pieces of glass along its'll have to try again until you finally make it through all 18 levels or die trying (pretty much). You've got 16 players going for 1st place...and 18 steps ahead if they're not fast enough.

In this game, you would like to find the right glass. You can choose a difficulty level that suits your skill level in order to see if the player will step on or break it. If the player steps onto normal glass they will die of falling down and there is no way back; however, if they step onto toughened glass players can move forward through levels without dying as well.

Keep your eyes open and start managing your character to finish this challenge. Find out which ones can hold your weight, and which ones will drop you down! Enjoy playing the free online game, Squid Glass Bridge.

For a more exciting experience, choose the difficulty level from the main menu. If you don't make it across in time, then you automatically lose. For other games and more updates please visit



Squid Glass Bridge


Character movement: W,A,S,D or Arrow keys, Jump : Space.

Move the mouse to see the surroundings.


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